We provide a wide range of ‘machine intelligence’ solutions through cutting-edge Industrial Artificial Intelligence AI and Industrial IoT technologies.

As a 10-time 'Global PHM Data Challenge' winner, we digitalize key industrial sectors such as Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing.

Our solutions help maximize machine uptime, quality, industrial safety, and operational and energy efficiency.

Core Values

Customer-centric Innovation

We always listen to our customers. Thus, our business innovation starts with our customers' experiences. We use our outstanding technology and business innovation to provide customized solutions. Our goal is to provide incredible benefits and unquestioned value to our customers.

Agile Evolution

Our business culture is characterized by ‘Agility’ and ‘Evolution’. onepredict is a speedy adapter of new technologies, industrial voices, and business environments. We are ready to transform ourselves to make the world greater, safer, and more productive.

Collective Intelligence

Our business decisions rely on group intelligence that comes after intense collaboration, collective discussion, and individual/group competition. This approach has led to our industry-leading guardione® products and services.


The core element of our guardione® offerings is creativity. We build original ideas, functions, products, and services upon industrial data. Our customers are often surprised with our innovative offerings. Creativity is something we aspire to every day. Our job is to amaze our customers.


Global PHM Data Challenge

We have won the 'Global PHM Data Challenge' 10 times. In this challenge, leading global institutes and companies compete to provide data analytic solutions.

We have solved problems across diverse topics such as those involving fuel cells, turbines, railways and smart buildings. We have transformed this knowledge into the guardione®. We are ready to be challenged again by solving your challenges.

Top 10 Innovation in Mechanical Engineering

Onepredict was listed as the Top 10 innovative technology of 2019 by the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Top Journal Publications

The core of our products comes from world-leading research. Our research has been published in top journals and spans various topics, such as artificial intelligence, signal processing, and reliability analysis. We continue to contribute to the scientific literature academia by publishing our ongoing research work.

Intellectual Property

Industrial Artificial Intelligence (IAI) is at the frontier of modern digital technology, in that it will change our work and way of living. Although we are already distinguished in our AI technologies, we continue to make new discoveries around our current innovations. Ultimately, almost every industry will benefit from the use of our AI-related intellectual property.

Media Recognitions

Our work has been recognized by major media companies, who report on our innovative efforts and disruptive innovations. Our technologies are overcoming limitations of previous AI methods. Our products are innovating new ways of doing business in multiple industries.



2017 PHMAP 

Data Challenge

Bogie System

2017 PHM Society 

Data Challenge

Rotor System

2019 PHMAP

Data Challenge

Fatigue crack

2019 PHM Society

Data Challenge

Compressor faults

2021 PHMAP

Data Challenge

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Location  300 Delaware Ave. Suite 210 #292, Wilmington, DE 19801

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